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I hope my question is in the right place here…

I am running a paid forum with bbpress. And one of our former users asked to delete all his posts. Unfortunately this user was pretty active, so deleting all his posts will create a lot of weird threads with users kind of speaking with themselves.

The best solution would be to replace all his posts with something like “answer from deleted user” instead of just deleting them, to avoid any confusion.

Would that be possible with one of your plugins? It could be a workaround with a moderation tool that we translate, so that we replace “this posts awaits moderation” with “answer from a deleted user”, or something like that…

Would that be possible? Any ideas?

Thanks for your help,
Eike (TopDogs)

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    Unfortunately, my plugins can’t help you with this. This is a very specific problem, and you will need to manually modify the database (or use some query to target posts from that user only, replacing their content with something else), and then remove the user from the database, so bbPress will show Anonymous for all posts by removed users. Or, if you don’t want to modify the content, you can write a code that will replace content on display for that user to say that post is removed.

    I am not aware of any plugin that can do what you need here. If you want to test my bbPress plugins, you can request the demo here: And, if you need help with implementing this, I am available for small freelance projects, you can check more on the services page:


    Dev4Press - Premium plugins for WordPress.

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