Advanced reviews settings

The addon has a few more settings that most users will not need to mess with. But, if you want to allow your users to edit reviews, have additional control over moderation or notification, check out Reviews Advanced settings panel.

Edit Reviews

By default, once the review is submitted, the user can’t edit them anymore. But, you can enable edit option. What is more, you can limit for how long edit option is available, and that way you can limit editing ability to 15 minutes or half-hour or any other number of minutes.

Reviews Edit Settings
Reviews Edit Settings

Post Type Comments

One of the common issues with user reviews is that it will not work with some post types out of the box. The reason for that is that most post types can have comments disabled, and since user reviews rely on comments feature, it will not work. So, Advanced Settings for reviews include the option to force enable comments for post types that have user reviews enabled.

Moderation and Notifications

User reviews are using Comments settings for moderation and notifications. But, you can set them up for reviews differently using the Reviews Advanced settings panel. Here you can see the same settings as on the WordPress comments panel, but you can enable override option to direct addon to use addons settings and not the general Comments settings.

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