Auto and Quick Sweeping

The plugin dashboard is the starting point for the WordPress website sweeping process. While it does include various useful information, it also includes two sweeping methods: Auto Sweep and Quick Sweep.

Auto and Quick Sweep both have a limited number of sweepers they can use. Some of the sweepers are not recommended for use often, and for some sweepers, it is important to confirm what you want to remove. So, check the Sweepers List panel to understand which sweepers are available.

Auto Sweep

This is the quickest and simplest way to use SweepPress. Auto Sweep shows the basic information about the process, the number of sweepers and tasks available for Auto Sweep, the number of records that will be affected or removed, and the total size of space that will be recovered.

Auto Sweep on the plugin Dashboard

Quick Sweep

To get to Quick Sweep, use the button located under the AUTO SWEEP button, and it will switch into the Quick Sweep Mode. This mode gives you more control over the sweeping process, and you can select what to sweep. It misses some of the sweepers and lacks any extra information, but running some of the sweepers quickly is useful. For a full sweep experience, you need to use the main Sweep panel.

Quick Sweep Mode
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