Change styling for the new/unread badges

GD bbPress Toolbox Pro adds various badges for marking new and unread topics and posts. To change the style of these badges, plugin relies on CSS, and each badge has own CSS selector.

Here is the list of selectors and badges:

  • .gdbbx-badge-unread-forum – Forum, unread
  • .gdbbx-badge-new-posts – Forum, new posts
  • .gdbbx-badge-new-reply – Topic, new reply
  • .gdbbx-badge-unread-topic – Topic, unread
  • .gdbbx-badge-new-topic – Topic, new

In most cases, you would need to change the color of the badge, so here are few examples:

/* Topic, New badge
   Light gray on dark red */
.gdbbx-badge-new-topic {
    background: #550000;
    color: #f0f0f0;
/* Forum, Unread badge
   White on green */
.gdbbx-badge-unread-topic {
    background: green;
    color: white;

You can use this method to change anything related to these badges, simply by modifying CSS for these selectors.

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  1. Tim Topham says:

    Should the second line be:

    .gdbbx-badge-unread-topic {


    1. MillaN says:

      Yes, I have fixed second example, thanks.

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