Cloud based accelerators

In the recent years, cloud based systems for protection and acceleration of the website loading are becoming very popular. Best known such system is CloudFlare, but there are many other similar systems: Incapsula, CDNify… But all these systems can cause problems if not setup correctly.

If you use CloudFlare, your domain DNS is changed to point to CloudFlare servers, and users when visit your website are sent to CloudFlare. CloudFlare is connected to your website, and it get’s data from your website, caches that data for visitors. This way it can eliminate many types of website attacks, because it can stop them before they reach your real servers. But, since all the data CloudFlare shows are cached in some form, it can lead to problems with saving data, AJAX requests failing and other problems. If you use CloudFlare, make sure that you have configured everything as it should be, make sure admin-ajax.php file is accessible and working.

If you have any issues with our plugins and themes, you must disable the CloudFlare and test your website without it. If you stop seeing errors or any issues, than the problems you are having are caused by CloudFlare, and we can’t help you fix them, since there is no way to really debug and control how CloudFlare works. You need to contact CloudFlare support to report the problems you are having and work with them to resolve these problems.

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