Configuration for share networks

Each share network has, more or less, same settings. Some networks have some additional options, and all the options are explained on the settings panel. Online networks are all on the Settings -> Networks panel, while the internal share buttons are configured via Settings -> Internal.

So, each network/button has various settings. This example will show the Facebook network settings.

Every network has a toggle button on the top to enable or disable the network. If disabled, it will not be loaded or shown anywhere. If disabled, the whole panel for that network will be collapsed and hidden. First basic option for each one is the network name to use. You can leave the default one, or change it to anything.

Online Counts

Most online networks no longer support providing the real URL share counts. Some still do, and the plugin supports Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr and Yummly networks to get counts they have for all shared URLs. If the network doesn’t support this, you will see the message about it. If it does, you see the option to enable it, and in case of Facebook, to add App Token for your Facebook app to use here.

Colors and Label

There are three color options to choose. Primary is the main network color, and we need Text and Icon colors too. With each network, plugin shows the network icon in the button to identify it, so you can use custom Label instead of the network name.

Additional and Advanced

Some networks have extra settings, and all these contain descriptions to explain closer the purpose of these settings. Facebook and Twitter both have additional settings you should check out, and configure, to improve the format of the share links generated by the plugin and better results when sharing content.

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