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coreActivity has 3 types of notifications: instant, daily and weekly digest. All types of notifications will include only events that have one of these notifications enabled. To enable or disable events notifications, you can use Events Panel or Notifications tool.

Instant Notifications

Anytime event is logged, plugin will check if that event has instant notifications enabled. If it does, new instant notification will be sent. But, this can produce large number of emails if you have many events with instant notifications enabled, or event repeats often. Because of that, instant notifications can be sent on delay. The delay is 5 minutes by default

Delayed Instant Notifications

If delay is active, and event is logged that needs to generate instant notification, plugin will schedule the job to run in 5 minutes to send the ‘instant’ notification. If more events eligible for instant notification are logged in the next 5 minutes, before delayed instant notification is scheduled to run, all these logged events will be included in that one email, instead of sending multiple emails. Notifications will be delayed by few minutes, but there will be only one email instead of many.

Daily and Weekly Digest

Digest notifications can be sent every day, or once a week (or both). Digest email includes overview of all logged events by component, with links to the Log component view.

Example of Notifications Digest email

In multisite environment, digest emails are sent only from the main network blog.

Settings and Configuration

Plugin Settings for Notifications allow you to enable or disable each type, add emails to send notifications to (if not, website admin email will be used) and configure delay for instant notifications, and day and hour for sending digests.

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