List of Events

All supported coreActivity events are split into components. Components are split into categories. Here is the list of all components and events it has.


Internal (coreactivity/internal)

  • Daily Digest digest-daily
  • Weekly Digest digest-weekly
  • Log Cleanup log-cleanup
  • Auto Log Cleanup log-cleanup-auto


Attachments (coreactivity/attachment)

  • Attachment Deleted deleted
  • Attachment Edited edited
  • Attachment Uploaded uploaded

Comments (coreactivity/comment)

  • Comment Deleted deleted
  • Comment Meta Added meta-added (v2.0)
  • Comment Meta Deleted meta-deleted (v2.0)
  • Comment Meta Updated meta-updated (v2.0)
  • Comment Status Change status-change

Errors (coreactivity/error)

  • 404 Not Found 404
  • 404 Not Found File 404-file
  • 404 Not Found Media 404-media
  • 404 Not Found PHP 404-php
  • 404 Not Found Script 404-script
  • 404 Not Found Style 404-style

Multisite Network (coreactivity/network)

  • Blog Created blog-created
  • Blog Removed blog-removed
  • Blog Signup blog-signup
  • Blog Status Archive blog-status-archive
  • Blog Status Deleted blog-status-delete
  • Blog Status Mature blog-status-mature
  • Blog Status Not Archive blog-status-not-archive
  • Blog Status Not Deleted blog-status-not-delete
  • Blog Status Not Mature blog-status-not-mature
  • Blog Status Not Spam blog-status-not-spam
  • Blog Status Private blog-status-private
  • Blog Status Public blog-status-public
  • Blog Status Spam blog-status-spam
  • Blog Updated blog-updated
  • Failed Blog Signup failed-blog-signup

Notifications (coreactivity/notification)

  • Email Failed email-failed
  • Unknown Email Failed email-failed-unknown
  • Email Sent email-sent
  • Unknown Email Sent email-sent-unknown

Options (coreactivity/option)

  • Core Option Deleted core-option-deleted
  • Core Option Changed core-option-edited
  • Option Added option-added
  • Option Deleted option-deleted
  • Option Changed option-edited
  • Transient Deleted transient-deleted
  • Transient Set transient-set

Plugins (coreactivity/plugin)

  • Plugin Activated activated
  • Plugin Deactivated deactivated
  • Plugin Deleted deleted
  • Plugin Install Error install-error (v2.0)
  • Plugin Installed installed (v2.0)
  • Plugin Network Activated network-activated
  • Plugin Network Deactivated network-deactivated
  • Plugin Updated Error update-error (v2.0)
  • Plugin Updated updated (v2.0)

Posts (coreactivity/post)

  • Post Deleted deleted
  • Post Meta Added meta-added (v2.0)
  • Post Meta Deleted meta-deleted (v2.0)
  • Post Meta Updated meta-updated (v2.0)
  • Post Status Change status-change
  • Post Term Relationship Changes term-relationship-change

Privacy (coreactivity/privacy)

  • Personal Data Erased erased-personal-data (v1.8)
  • Completed Export of Personal Data export-personal-data-completed (v1.8)
  • Confirmed Export of Personal Data export-personal-data-confirmed (v1.8)
  • Deleted Request for Export of Personal Data export-personal-data-request-deleted (v1.8)
  • Requested Export of Personal Data export-personal-data-requested (v1.8)
  • Created Personal Data File personal-data-file-created (v1.8)
  • Completed Removal of Personal Data remove-personal-data-completed (v1.8)
  • Confirmed Removal of Personal Data remove-personal-data-confirmed (v1.8)
  • Deleted Request for Removal of Personal Data remove-personal-data-request-deleted (v1.8)
  • Requested Removal of Personal Data remove-personal-data-requested (v1.8)

Sitemeta (coreactivity/sitemeta)

  • Core Sitemeta Deleted core-sitemeta-deleted
  • Core Sitemeta Changed core-sitemeta-edited
  • Sitemeta Added sitemeta-added
  • Sitemeta Deleted sitemeta-deleted
  • Sitemeta Changed sitemeta-edited
  • Site Transient Deleted transient-deleted
  • Site Transient Set transient-set

Terms (coreactivity/term)

  • Term Created created
  • Term Deleted deleted
  • Term Edited edited
  • Term Meta Added meta-added (v2.0)
  • Term Meta Deleted meta-deleted (v2.0)
  • Term Meta Updated meta-updated (v2.0)

Themes (coreactivity/theme)

  • Theme Deleted deleted
  • Theme Install Error install-error (v2.0)
  • Theme Installed installed (v2.0)
  • Theme Switched switched
  • Theme Updated Error update-error (v2.0)
  • Theme Updated updated (v2.0)

Users (coreactivity/user)

  • Activate User activate-user
  • User Deleted deleted
  • Edited Display Name edited-display-name
  • Edited Email edited-email
  • Edited Meta edited-meta-data
  • Edited Password edited-password
  • Edited URL edited-url
  • Failed Login failed-login
  • Failed Login Cookie failed-login-cookie
  • Failed User Signup failed-user-signup
  • Login login
  • Logout logout
  • User Meta Added meta-added (v2.0)
  • User Meta Deleted meta-deleted (v2.0)
  • User Meta Updated meta-updated (v2.0)
  • Password Reset password-reset
  • Request Password Reset password-reset-request
  • Request Password Reset Invalid password-reset-request-invalid
  • Registered registered
  • User Role Changed role-changed
  • User Signup user-signup

WordPress (coreactivity/wordpress)

  • Available WordPress Update available-update-core (v1.8)
  • Available Plugin Updates available-update-plugin (v1.8)
  • Available Theme Updates available-update-theme (v1.8)
  • Content Export content-export
  • CRON Event Scheduled cron-schedule
  • Database Delta Queries database-delta
  • WordPress Core Update update-core
  • WordPress Core Auto Update update-core-auto


bbPress (coreactivity/bbpress)

  • Post Deleted deleted
  • Post Meta Added meta-added (v2.0)
  • Post Meta Deleted meta-deleted (v2.0)
  • Post Meta Updated meta-updated (v2.0)
  • Post Status Change status-change
  • Post Term Relationship Changes term-relationship-change

BuddyPress (coreactivity/buddypress)

  • Component Activated component-activated
  • Component Deactivated component-deactivated
  • Group Created group-created
  • Group Updated group-updated

Contact Form 7 (coreactivity/contact-form-7)

  • Form Deleted form-deleted
  • Submission Failed submission-failed
  • Submission Sent submission-sent

DebugPress (coreactivity/debugpress)

  • Admin AJAX Call admin-ajax-call (v1.3)
  • Deprecated Argument deprecated-argument
  • Deprecated Constructor deprecated-constructor
  • Deprecated File deprecated-file
  • Deprecated Function deprecated-function
  • Deprecated Hook Run deprecated-hook-run
  • Doing It Wrong doing-it-wrong
  • HTTP API Call http-api-call (v1.3)
  • PHP Error php-error

Duplicate Post (coreactivity/duplicate-post)

  • Post Duplicated duplicated

Forminator (coreactivity/forminator)

  • Form Deleted form-deleted

GD Forum Manager (coreactivity/gd-forum-manager)

  • Forum Bulk Edit forum-bulk (v1.4)
  • Forum Edit forum-edit (v1.4)
  • Topic Bulk Edit topic-bulk (v1.4)
  • Topic Edit topic-edit (v1.4)

Gravity Forms (coreactivity/gravityforms)

  • Form Activated activated
  • Form Created created
  • Form Deactivated deactivated
  • Form Deleted deleted
  • Form Restored restored
  • Form Trashed trashed

Jetpack (coreactivity/jetpack)

  • Activated Module module-activated
  • Deactivated Module module-deactivated

SweepPress (coreactivity/sweeppress)

  • Sweeping Completed completed
  • Deleted CRON job cron-deleted
  • Run CRON job cron-run

User Switching (coreactivity/user-switching)

  • Switched Back switch-back
  • Switched Back from User switch-back-user
  • Switched Off switch-off-user
  • Switched to User switch-to-user

WooCommerce (coreactivity/woocommerce)

  • Post Deleted deleted (v1.1)
  • Post Meta Added meta-added (v2.0)
  • Post Meta Deleted meta-deleted (v2.0)
  • Post Meta Updated meta-updated (v2.0)
  • Post Status Change status-change (v1.1)
  • Post Term Relationship Changes term-relationship-change (v1.1)
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