Activity Events

The Events panel is used to manage all the registered events, show information about them and handle additional settings, including activity of the event and notifications.

Each event or component that has at least one log entry related to them, have two icons: View (an Eye icon) and Filter (a Funnel icon). These do the same thing, but the View will put show results in the View mode where the viewed component or event are removed from the filter and the results set for cleaner look.

To learn more about Events, check out this Article and check out list of all Events.

Events Panel

Event Actions

All event actions are handled by the Toggle buttons. And, the Bulk Actions are also available to do all the same things as toggle buttons, but on a selected events.

Event Status

The Status column has the toggle to enable or disable the event. Disabled event are not tracked or logged.


For each notification type, you have 3 toggle buttons to enable or disable them. Enabled events for a notification means that enable events will be included in the notifications (instant or digest).

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