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The tools panel is available in every Dev4Press plugin, and it includes several standard panels: Recheck and Update, Export Settings, Import Settings and Reset/Remove.

Export Settings can only export the plugin settings, the contents of the logs and events tables is not part of the export.

But, coreActivity has few more tools that are specific for this plugin only.


With this tool, you can easily enable or disable all events notifications status. If you want to enable all events for daily or weekly digest, or for instant notification, you can do it from this panel in bulk.

Notifications Bulk Control

Data Cleanup

While coreActivity can run automatic and scheduled data cleanups to remove old records, you can do data cleanup anytime you want, and select the period to delete, and one or more events.

Cleanup Tool

The goal is to delete old data, but you can select how old data to affect, and select one or more, or all events to delete.

  • This tool can take a bit of time to complete the cleanup.
  • Depending on the amount of records removed, database tables can end up with the overhead. To optimize the database tables after delete operations, you can use SweepPress Pro plugin.
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