Install & Update

Install The Plugin

coreActivity is a free plugin available on, and it needs to be installed directly from the website Plugins panel

To get more information about all that, please check this user guide:

Plugin Installation & Update

First Activation

After the plugin is installed on the website, and activated for the first time, it will need to go through the Install process and that would be the first thing you see when you try to open any plugin admin side panel, and only after the Install process is fully validated, you will be able to continue using the plugin.

When the installation is completed, plugin will be redirected to the About panel where you can see information about the plugin, and you can also run the Setup Wizard.

During install, plugin will attempt to add database tables, if they are missing.

Update The Plugin

Anytime the new plugin version is installed, the plugin will need to go through the Update phase and perform basic checks and updates to the database schema.

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