Antispam for bbPress Topics and Replies

If you are using bbPress plugin to implement forums in WordPress, this is a great way to stop spam content. Antispam deals with content coming from registered users posting, and visitors anonymous posting too.

To get all the information about how the antispam works, which antispam methods are available, checkout the main Antispam article.

coreSecurity Pro has two antispam features for bbPress. One deals with bbPress topics and other one with bbPress replies. Both have exactly the same set of options and antispam measures, but they deal with different content.

What happens with spam?

Every post caught by the antispam filters will be saved as a spammed topic or reply. Plugin is not deleting spam. Having spam still in the database is useful to faster detect future spam.

Approve topics and replies based on trust

Before the antispam measures are used, plugin will first check if the topic or reply should be approved without checks. This is done with several trust based options.

Plugin can auto approve any post from users with keymaster and moderator roles. This is essential step, and both these options are enabled by default.

But, you can also auto approve posts from users that previously had topic or reply published, and users that have Gravatar linked to their email account.

Gravatar is by no means proof that user is not a bot, or that user is trustworthy. In recent years, Gravatar is more widely used, and from experience, a lot of spammers use Gravatar service.

Mark Topic or Reply as spam

If you manually set topic or reply as spam, plugin will logged that as a antispam event too, and will use it to improve antispam detection in the future.

Plugin also registers a new bbPress forum role called Spammer, and will automatically change user role to spammer if the registered user is caught posting spam.

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