Antispam for Comments

This feature deals with the WordPress comments. It hooks in the WordPress comments processing, and will run each comment through the series of antispam measures.

To get all the information about how the antispam works, which antispam methods are available, checkout the main Antispam article.

The plugin hooks into the comments processing, done via wp-comments-post.php entry. But, it will not only process comment, it has one additional antispam method unique to the Comments.

What happens with spam?

Every comment caught by the antispam filters will be saved as a spammed comment. Plugin is not deleting spam. Having spam still in the database is useful to faster detect future spam.

Approve comments based on trust

Right now, plugin has two trust validations for comments. It will approve comment if the comment is posted by a user that already had approved comment, and user that has Gravatar set.

Gravatar is by no means proof that user is not a bot, or that user is trustworthy. In recent years, Gravatar is more widely used, and from experience, a lot of spammers use Gravatar service.

Hidden Field to detect spam

No other antispam feature uses this, it is made specifically for comments due to the way comments form in WordPress works, and how predictable it is. The hidden field is very effective way to detect spam due to the way the spam bots work and how they actually send spam using automated methods, not even going through the actual comment form.

Mark Comment as spam

And, if you notice a message in the comments panel, that you want to manually mark as spam, you can do that, and that will trigger the event about comment spam too, and will help the Antispam further to improve detection.

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