Antispam for Gravity Forms

How the Antispam works with Gravity Forms

Plugin hooks into the Gravity Forms spam check filter, and checks for spam entries only if the form has coreSecurity support enabled.

To get all the information about how the antispam works, which antispam methods are available, checkout the main Antispam article.

What happens with spam?

Every entry caught by the antispam filters will be saved as a spammed entry. Plugin is not deleting spam. Having spam still in the database is useful to faster detect future spam.

Gravity Forms Plugin Setup

For each form you want to be checked for spam by coreSecurity Antispam feature, you need to enable the coreSecurity support. To do that, from the Gravity Forms main Forms panel, open the Form Settings. At the bottom, in the Form Options box, you will see the Anti-spam by CoreSecurity toggle. Enable that toggle, and save, and the form entries will be checked by CoreSecurity for spam.

Antispam Settings

Entry Integration

If you open any Gravity Forms entry (for the forms where coreSecurity Anti-spam support has been enabled), you will see a new metabox, as displayed in the image below.

Entry Metabox Integration

If available, plugin will show the information from the log: spam reasons – if the entry was spammed by the coreSecurity, and link to view this entry in the security logs.

And there are two more actions:

  • Add To Deny Emails list: email used in the form will be added to the Dictionary under ‘Deny Email’.
  • Add to Deny Domains list: email domain used in the form will be added to the Dictionary under ‘Deny Domain List’.
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