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WPForms Support

coreSecurity Pro supports both WPForms Lite and WPForms Pro. Some aspects of the antispam protection will work only with WPForms Pro, because WPForms Lite doesn’t include many of the features available in WPForms Pro.

How the Antispam works with WPForms

Plugin hooks into the WPForms entry processing, and checks for spam entries only if the form has coreSecurity support enabled.

To get all the information about how the antispam works, which antispam methods are available, checkout the main Antispam article.

What happens with spam?

Every entry caught by the antispam filters will be saved as a spammed entry, only if you use WPForms Pro, because Lite version can’t save entries into database. In both cases, coreSecurity Pro, on spam detection will stop sending email notification with spam entry.

WPForms Lite and Pro Plugin Setup

For each form you want to be checked for spam by coreSecurity Antispam feature, you need to enable the coreSecurity support. To do that, open the WPForms form you want to edit, and when on edit screen, open the Settings panel, and under Spam Protection and Security, you will see the option ‘Enable coreSecurity Pro Antispam protection’.

WPForms Form Settings

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