Bridge is a very powerful and unique feature that will enhance website security by sharing and importing shared data directly from your websites or from the Dev4Press via special API service.

Right now, the sharing of data via the Bridge includes banned IPs, but the plan is to expand it in the future to include custom dictionary entries.

How the sharing works

Sharing has two parts: you can share data from the website, and you can import data from one or more websites.

Sharing the data

coreSecurity Pro registers new REST API endpoint coresecurity/v1/bridge/{key}/. The {key} is defined in the settings and it is not included in the registered endpoint. This is a secret value that you should never reveal to anyone, and use it only on the websites you own and control.


If endpoint key is empty, plugin will generate random 20 characters key. Key has to be URL safe, it can long as you want it to be, and it must not have empty space or slashes.

For share endpoint to work, plugin requires use of the REST API, and if you have disabled REST API on your website, sharing will not work!

Import data from website via share URL

If you have more than one website, and you want to share the data, you need to get the share URL from one website(s) and add it to Import URL list.


You need to select the update frequency (daily or weekly importing). When the import runs, it will get data from each URL, and will add IPs that are not already in the list.

Import data from Dev4Press API

Dev4Press Networks gathers data from various websites owned and run by Dev4Press Web Development company, and the data is available to everyone with the active coreSecurity Pro license via the license based API. You can select the frequency for the import.


Best practices setting up the Bridge

First of all, it is highly recommended to enable the Dev4Press API import. Weekly import is sufficient to have. Dev4Press API, in different periods can have 500 to 1000 IPs that are recently used for malicious activity aiming at WordPress, and will be a great addition to the improved security.

If you have coreSecurity Pro installed on multiple websites, enable the Share and Import Website Data options. Let’s say you have 3 websites (One, Two and Three). Get Share URLs for each of the three websites, open the website One, and add share URLs for Two and Three into Import URLs option. Repeat the same for other 2 website, adding URLs for other two websites.

In most cases, weekly update will be enough.

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