coreSecurity Pro currently has support for two DNS based services for checking IPs for malicious or spam activity. These services are used in various other features, and it is highly recommended to use them. This DNSBL feature aims to check IP in one or both supported services, and if the IP score is over the specified limit, it will ban access to that IP to the website.

DNS requests to check IPs are fast, and on top of that, coreSecurity Pro caches these requests results to further speed up the process.

DNS Database: Project Honeypot

This service requires API key. Key is free, and you just need to register on the Project Honeypot website to get it.

DNS Database: Tornevall

This service works without any extra requirements, or keys.

DNS Database: Spamhaus

This service works without any extra requirements, or keys. It is a free service, with the fair use policy, and as long as you don’t go over fair use limits (listed on their website), you can use it for free. Over the limits use requires commercial license.

With Spamhaus, coreSecurity can check IP and domain names for some types of protection.

Stop Website Access

If you have one or both services enabled, you can set up the plugin to stop any request coming from the IP with the high thread level score.

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