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If you want to check integrity of your website files, or scan files for malware, the Scanner feature does both of these things. The old GD Security Toolbox Pro plugin had two features for these: one was Integrity Scanner, and the other was Malware Scanner. But, this time, coreSecurity Pro has one Scanner that does both these things.

The main reasons for this are speed of the scanning, and the need to avoid running malware scan needlessly. New Scanner is running Integrity scan first (for WordPress core and plugins that can be scanned), and only after that will compile list of files for Malware scanning, skipping all files with valid integrity.

To learn more about the File Scanner, check out this user guide and included articles here.

Scanner Settings

This addon doesn’t have too many settings:

  • Scan .git directories: by default is disabled, and .git directories will be skipped.
  • Scan node_modules directories: by default is disabled, and .git directories will be skipped.

Node modules directories can be huge, and they should not be present in plugins on live websites.

Additional Control

Unlike most other features in coreSecurity Pro plugin, Scanner doesn’t have actions or filters to hook into and change the scanner behaviour. This is done on purpose, to minimize the ways other plugins can interfere and cause issues. File Scanner should be isolated from other code. It is even isolated from other coreSecurity features, with the modified ways to read settings.

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