Users Control

Users Control add various small features related to users control and management.

Task to Log out all users

This task is added to the Tasks panel.

Expanding WordPress Users table

WordPress Users tables (blog and network) will be expanded with the options to log out each individual users with the Logout action and the Logout bulk action. Logging out for each user will destroy all logged in sessions.

Limit number of active sessions

Every time users logs in from the new unique device and browser, a new session will be created by WordPress. coreSecurity Pro allows you to limit number of active logged-in sessions for users, by settings global sessions settings, and options to override these settings for every user role.

Sessions Control Settings

Sessions Control option has possible values:

  • Do not use sessions control: plugin will not change the sessions generated by WordPress.
  • Limit user to one session only: only one session will be allowed. If the user had one or more active sessions, they will be removed, and only the current session will remain. This will in effect, logout the user from all other devices and browsers.
  • Limit user sessions: number of sessions will be limited to the Sessions Limit value. All the latest number of sessions will be preserved, and older sessions over the limit will be removed.

These options can be used to control concurrent logins for each user (based on global settings, and for individual user role). This is useful in prevent password sharing for membership websites, or other websites where the access needs to be controlled.

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