List of Security Events

coreSecurity Pro integrates with coreActivity plugin for purpose of logging security related events, showing logged events, check the conditions for banning offending IPs and more. coreSecurity Pro can’t work properly without coreActivity plugins.

coreSecurity Pro adds several new components with number of events.

Registered Events

Internal coresecurity/internal

  • Prune Temporary IP Bans prune-ip-temp-bans
  • Prune DNSBL IP Log prune-ip-dnsbl-log
  • Write into HTACCESS write-into-htaccess
  • Remove from HTACCESS remove-from-htaccess
  • Bridge Request Failed bridge-request-failed – v1.4
  • Bridge Request Successful bridge-request-success – v1.4

Antispam coresecurity/antispam

  • Comment Spam comment-spam
  • Comment Spam Marked comment-spam-marked
  • Trackback Spam trackback-spam
  • Trackback Spam Marked trackback-spam-marked
  • bbPress Topic Spam bbpress-topic-spam
  • bbPress Topic Spam Marked bbpress-topic-spam-marked
  • bbPress Reply Spam bbpress-reply-spam
  • bbPress Reply Spam Marked bbpress-reply-spam-marked
  • GravityForms Spam gravity-forms-spam
  • GravityForms Spam Marked gravity-forms-spam-marked
  • Contact Form 7 Spam contact-form-7-spam
  • Forminator Spam forminator-spam
  • Formidable Spam formidable-spam
  • WPForms Spam wpforms-spam – v1.4

Ban IPs coresecurity/banips

  • Banned IP Attempt banned-ip-attempt
  • IP Temporary Banned ip-banned-temp
  • IP Permanently Banned ip-banned-perm
  • IP Unbanned ip-unbanned
  • IPs Bulk Banned ip-banned-bulk – v1.4

Firewall coresecurity/firewall

  • Request URI Failed failed-request-uri
  • Query String Failed failed-query-string
  • User Agent Failed failed-user-agent
  • Referrer Failed failed-referrer
  • Admin Request Length Failed failed-request-length-admin
  • Front Request Length Failed failed-request-length-front

Features coresecurity/features

  • Username Trapped username-trap
  • Login Honeypot login-honeypot
  • Login Limit login-limit
  • Registration Honeypot registration-honeypot
  • Registration Failed registration-failed
  • DNSBL Threat dnsbl-threat
  • Scanner Run scanner-run
  • CSP Report csp-report
  • NEL Report nel-report – v1.4
  • Blackhole Bot Captured blackhole-bot-captured – v1.4
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