Banned IPs

This panel lists all IP addresses banned from accessing the website through various security features or direct user actions. The ban process is controlled by the Ban IPs feature.

IP Ban Sources

Almost all plugin features can be source of the ban, and data logged by any of the features can be used to ban IPs.

Banned IPs Panel

Additionally, there are few more ban sources:

  • User Defined: IP banned by direct user input
  • Security Log: IP banned using controls on the Security Logs panel
  • Bridge: IP addresses have been imported from other website(s) via Bridge
  • Dev4Press: IP addresses have been imported from Dev4Press API via Bridge

Ban Panel Controls

Panel shows the source of the IP ban, type of ban (temporary or permanent), relevant dates, location and notice. You can delete each IP, and essentially unban it.

Banned IPs Controls

Banning new IP

You can manually add new IPs to ban, by clicking the Ban New IP button. You can set the type of ban, and other relevant information.

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