If you are using Apache or LiteSpeed server to host your website, you will be able to use .HTACCESS file, and this panel will not be available if you use IIS or Nginx servers.

This panel shows the status of the .HTACCESS and Apache (or LiteSpeed), with sub-panels to review the existing .HTACCESS file and write new rules into the file based on the .HTACCESS settings. It shows the current status of the file, location, server information and status of the server modules used for the .HTACCESS directives and rules plugin will add.


From this panel, you have quick access to the .HTACCESS Feature Settings , you can see the current content of the .HTACCESS file, and you can Insert Rules into .HTACCESS file, generated based on the .HTACCESS feature settings, and other features that can add directives into this file.

When plugin adds the directives, it will always attempt to add rules to the beginning of the .HTACCESS file. But, if you use other plugins that write into .HTACCESS, it is possible that these plugins also do the same, and the place of security rules in this file can change.

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