Security Dictionary

Dictionary is a shared database table where all sorts of data is stored and used by various plugin features to scan and match requests. Dictionary entries are typical used for exact match or for regular expression matching. Dictionary is initially filled with the data built in the plugin, but you can add your own entries for every available data type, and you can disable individual entries.

Entry Types

There are many entry types supported by the Dictionary. Here is the list of types, and features that use them.

Type Format Feature
Firewall Request Regex Firewall
Firewall Query Regex Firewall
Firewall User Agent Regex Firewall
Firewall Referrer Exact Firewall
Disposable Email Exact Antispam
Trap Username Exact Username Trap
Deny Username Exact Username Trap, Registration Control
Deny Username Regex Regex Registration Control
Deny Email Exact Registration Control
Deny Email Regex Regex Registration Control
Deny Email Domains Exact Registration Control
Allow Domain Names Exact Registration Control, Antispam
Antispam Global Regex Regex Antispam
Antispam Title Regex Regex Antispam
Antispam Name Regex Regex Antispam
Antispam Email Regex Regex Antispam
Antispam URL Regex Regex Antispam
Antispam Content Regex Regex Antispam

Entry Sources

The plugin contains 6000+ entries for various types. Some entries are considered basic data and are always loaded when plugin is installed or updated, and some entries are consider optional, and will not be included by default. There is an option in the plugin settings where you can enable Optional data import.

All the entries are compiled from various sources.

Disposable Email

This list is very important because it contains list of domains used for disposable email servers. This list is compiled from few sources, including some that are no longer available, our own lists. List of current and available sources is listed below.

There are many other lists, some are actually huge with 100K+ records, but these lists also contain a lot of dead domains, so I prefer going with smaller lists that are more reliable for current domains.

Firewall Referrer

This list contains list of spam source referrers. Right now, this list is coming from Matomo.

Control Entries

Each entry can be disabled using the toggle button in each row. Plugin also allows you to add new entries.

Dictionary Controls

Adding New Entries

When adding new entries, you need to select the type of entry, and add the entry value. Make sure to check the format expected by the plugin for the value (Regular Expression, File Name, Exact Match).

Editing Entries

Entries added by the plugin can’t be edited, you can only edit custom entries you add yourself. If you want to change one of the default entries, disable it, copy it’s value as a custom new entry and edit it.

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