Security Settings

coreSecurity Pro only has few global settings, everything else is part of the Features.

Plugin Settings

License settings are already explained in the License Code article. The rest of settings panels include:

Safe Lists

This panel is used to define exceptions from banning or even checking requests. There are two options available:

  • IP Safe List: here you can add one or more IPs to the Safe List, and requests coming from these IPs will not be checked, and these IPs can’t be banned.
  • Domain Safe List: here you can add domains that can’t be put on deny lists. These should be popular email domains that are used by majority of users.

Other Settings

The other two panels with settings are:

  • Dictionary: this has one option only, to enable or disable import of optional Dictionary data.
  • Advanced: from here you can enable or disable Setup Wizard panel, and you can enable or disable Admin Bar menu integration.
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