Security Tasks

Tasks panel is collection of various tasks that can be run periodically to perform various security related updates or changes. Each task includes short description and action button (if available).

Logout all Users

Each time user logs in, each using device and browser will be generated with the unique session tracked by WordPress. With this simple task, plugin will delete all session tokens for all users. This will effectively log out all website users.

Generate new WP Config Salts

WordPress wp-config.php file should contain 8 salts – random strings used to generate hashes, cookies and more. With old WordPress installations, some or all of these salts may be missing. This task can generate new random 64 characters long salt strings and replace the existing salts in the config file.

This task can be executed only if the wp-config.php is in the root of the website, and if the file is writable by the current PHP instance.

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