Using Setup Wizard

The best way to start setting up the plugin is the Setup Wizard. The wizard will take into account various system requirements for all plugin features, and will configure various settings too.

The Wizard has several panels. Depending on your system, some of these panels may show different options available. Wizard tries to personalize the settings displayed as much as possible.

Panel: Intro

This panel is used to inform you about the wizard, and it has option to enter License Code to validate the license. The validation will be done in the background, it takes few seconds, and while you finish the Wizard, it will be validated.

This panel will show information about coreActivity, and allow you to install or active that plugin, since it is essential for coreSecurity Pro features.

Setup Wizard Intro Panel

Panel: Antispam

From here you can enable antispam related features. The list of features to enable will depend on the third party plugins supported by the coreSecurity Pro that you may have installed on your website.

Panel: Features

Some of the plugin features are always enabled, previous wizard page is taking care of Antispam, and other features can be controlled via this panel.


If your server supports .HTACCESS file (Apache or Litespeed), there are many plugin features that can take advantage of that, and use the .HTACCESS file to improve the security performance and offload many operations to the server.

Panel: Finish

Last panel, allowing you to disable the Setup Wizard. Wizard can be enabled again via plugin Settings.

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