CSS styling migration with version 5.0

GD bbPress Toolbox Pro 5.0 has introduced a number of changes to names of CSS classes used for various plugin features, and if you have custom styling, you should update it.

Reasons for the change

In the past, we had a number of reports that names of the CSS classes added by the plugin were in conflict with class names added by other plugins or themes. And, the plugin had inconsistent class names for various features, and I have decided to try and fix that in version 5.0 and make CSS classes use the same prefix (gdbbx) and make them unique enough to avoid conflicts.

But, because of that, if you had CSS styling added to modify how GD bbPress Toolbox Pro looks like, you will need to make changes to your CSS to match new class names. This article lists most important changes to class names in version 5.0. If some of the styles you were using are not on the list, check for new names using the browser debugger tools. If the CSS class belonging to this plugin is not starting with gdbbx-, it is now changed to use this prefix.

List of changed class names

This list might not be complete. If the class you used is not starting with gdbbx- and it is not on this list, leave the comment here, or ask in the support forum for the new class name.

Old Class Name New Class Name
bbp-accessibility-show-for-sr gdbbx-accessibility-show-for-sr
bbp-signature gdbbx-signature
bbp-said-thanks gdbbx-said-thanks
bbp-thanks-list gdbbx-thanks-list
private-topic gdbbx-private-topic
private-topic-locked gdbbx-private-topic-locked
private-reply gdbbx-private-reply
private-reply-locked gdbbx-private-reply-locked
bbp-bbcodes-toolbar gdbbx-bbcodes-toolbar
bbx-button gdbbx-button
bbp-forums-inner-block gdbbx-forums-inner-block
bbp-admin-links gdbbx-admin-links
bbp-attachments gdbbx-attachments
d4p-attachment-addfile gdbbx-attachment-add-file
bbp-attached-file gdbbx-attached-file
d4p-bbt-thanks-link gdbbx-link-thanks
d4p-bbt-unthanks-link gdbbx-link-unthanks
d4p-bbt-report-link gdbbx-link-report
d4p-bbw-widget gdbbx-widget
bbx-newposts gdbbx-widget-newposts
bbx-onlineusers gdbbx-widget-onlineusers
bbx-statistics gdbbx-widget-statistics
bbx-topicinfo gdbbx-widget-topicinfo
bbx-topicsviews gdbbx-widget-topicsviews
bbx-userprofile gdbbx-widget-userprofile
d4p-bbp-profile gdbbx-widget-profile

List of changed class prefixes

Some CSS classes share the same prefix (like BBCodes, buttons…). This is list of changed prefix names.

Old Class Prefix New Class Prefix
d4pbbc- gdbbx-bbcode-
bbp-bbtbar- gdbbx-buttonbar-
bbp-attachments- gdbbx-attachments-
bbp-attachment- gdbbx-attachment-
bbp-validation- gdbbx-validation-
d4p-bbp-profile- gdbbx-widget-profile-
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