GD Rating System adds many shortcodes and they can have 10 or more attributes with a wide range of values supported. A better solution is to use Shortcake plugin to add and edit shortcodes visually.

Shortcake UI plugin is in development, but current versions are stable to use, but it is possible that over time there will be changes in the plugin interface. Also, this plugin might be added to the WordPress core in one of the future WordPress versions.

Here is the video of the Shortcake plugin in action:

Install Shortcake plugin

To start with Shortcake plugin, you need to install it first, and you can do that from WordPress Plugins panel, option Add New and search for Shortcake. GD Rating System requires the latest Shortcake version to work. If you want to install this plugin manually, here is the URL:

Once you install the Shortcake UI plugin, you can start using the GD Rating System Pro shortcodes immediately, there are no additional settings.

Step by Step guide

Add Shortcode

Open post or page you want to to shortcode into. Main post or page editor has Add Media button. When you press this button, Media dialog opens, and you will see new option on the right side to Insert Post Element. When you open it, you will see available shortcodes:

Shortcake UI, selection dialog
Shortcake UI, selection dialog

Now, simply click on the shortcode you want to insert, and you will see the dialogue to set up the shortcode.

Shorcode editor
Shortcode editor

Set whatever you need, and click the Insert Element button. Once added into the content, the shortcode will look like on the image:

Shortcode in editor
Shortcode in editor

Edit Shortcode

If you want to edit the shortcode, click on it, and you will get options to remove it and edit it. Edit shortcode interface is similar to dialogue for adding the shortcode, but there is no sidebar area, only editor.

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