Features that require use of cookies

Some of the features for GD bbPress Toolbox Pro require the use of cookies. The plugin can use 3 different cookies with the default names:

  • wp_gdbbx_online_activity: for not-logged in visitors to track online status
  • wp_gdbbx_tracking_activity: long term cookie tracking for visitors
  • wp_gdbbx_session_activity: current session, used for various tracking purposes

To disable these cookies, you can modify plugin settings, but some of the major plugins’ features depend on these cookies, and the only way to disable some of the cookies is to disable features that use them. In the future, it is possible that these features will be improved to better control what the cookie is used for and disable cookies used without disabling the feature, but for that, this is the way it works.

If you want to disable cookies, you need to use plugin version 6.4.2 or newer.

Disable Online Activity Cookie

This cookie is required to track the number of visitors (not-logged-in users) on the website. To disable this cookie (and with that, tracking of visitors’ online count), open plugin Settings -> Users Tracking -> Track online status for users and guests, and disable the ‘Track Guests’ option.

Disable Tracking and Session Activity Cookies

The only way to disable these two cookies right now is to disable the whole advanced tracking feature that includes which new topics or replies are in the forums for logged-in users and other advanced tracking features. To do that, open plugin Settings -> Users Tracking -> Advanced user tracking, and disable the ‘Active’ option.

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