Floating Share Bar

Floating Share Bar, is the site wide available sharing block that is added to the left or right side of the screen. This bar has same share buttons as inline method or block has, but it is capable of sharing any website page.

Selectively disable Floating share bar

If you want to disable Floating share bar on some pages only (home page, or maybe some other page or group of pages), check out this main filter that controls floating share bar visibility:

Settings for the Floating share bar

There are 3 groups of settings related to the floating share bar. All these settings are located on the plugin Settings -> Additional Share Methods -> Floating Bar.

Activation and Share Buttons

Depending on the active networks for share buttons, you will see networks and internal share methods that are enabled. So, if you disable Facebook from the Networks panel, it will not be loaded, or visible anywhere else.

Bar Display Control

When it comes to bar display, you can change the side of the screen location and the way buttons will be colored. And, you can set the vertical scroll trigger, so that bar will be visible only if the vertical scroll has reached the trigger point. Finally, for small screens, bar can be moved to the bottom of the screen, and you can set the breaking point for that too.

Additional Bar Styling

You also have additional controls for the buttons, including style and counts number display.

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