Activity Tracking

Activity tracking feature tracks overall last user activity date and time, and the read status activity for forums and topics for every user.

Activity Tracking doesn’t work for guests or visitors, only logged-in users can be tracked this way.

Based on the tracking data gathered, plugin can do few things:

  • Determine what new topics and replies user has missed since the last time he was active in the forums.
  • Determine what topics user has not read – user never accessed the topic.
  • Determine what forums user has not read – if the user has not read any topics in that forum.

Feature Settings

Activity Tracking has a wide range of settings, and some of them will be removed in the future version. The settings in question are all 3 in the Tracking Features group, because all 3 are required for the feature to work, so having them as a choice is not needed.

The cutoff value is the date and time GD bbPress Toolbox Pro was installed for the first time. All the calculations are done with that date and time in mind, to avoid the issue where after plugin installation all users see everything in the forums as unread; unread and new are happening only after the cutoff date, everything posted in the forums before cutoff date is considered read by all users!

New Topics and Replies

If there are new topics or replies posted since the last user visit to the forums, these can be marked in the forums and topics lists. There are few types of things that can be marked, and for each one, you can add a badge, icon or make the title bold to stand out:

  • Marking the forums for new topics: this will add a NEW badge to any forum that has new topics.
  • Marking the topics for new topics: this will add a NEW badge to any new topic in any topics list.
  • Marking the topics for new replies: this will add a NEW badge to any topic in the topics list that has new reply. This also can add a button by the topic name to directly jump to the first unread reply in that topic thread.
  • Marking the topic thread new replies: this will add a NEW REPLY badge inside the topic thread for new replies.

The image below shows the example of various markings that list of topics can have:

Activity Tracking in Forums
Activity Tracking in Forums

Unread Topics and Forums

If there are topics that user has not read at all (as in never opened a topic thread), there are two types of markings to show:

  • Marking the Topics: this will add a UNREAD badge to any topic in the topics list that user has never accessed.
  • Marking the Forums: this will add a UNREAD badge to any forum that user hase never accessed.

Tracking Cookies Expiration

The plugin needs two cookies: one is for the long term tracking code (default value is 365 days), and the other one is the lenght of the current session (default value is 60 minutes).

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