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By default, bbPress has a basic textarea as a topic and reply forms. But, that is not really a user-friendly solution, and there are few different editors you can enable with thr help of GD bbPress Toolbox Pro.

The Content Editor feature allows you to control Topic and Reply form editors individually, and both have same set of settings.

Plugin adds options to select among these editors:

  • Basic Textarea (Default)
  • QuickTags Textarea
  • TinyMCE Rich Editor
  • BBCodes Toolbar with Basic Textarea

QuickTags Textarea

This is a simple editor, just a step above the basic textarea. It adds a simple toolbar with QuickTags for some elementary styling that uses HTML.

This is editor is part of WordPress, and GD bbPress Toolbox Pro has no control over it, it can just enable it for use
as is.

TinyMCE Rich Editor

This is a rich text editor, and this editor is enabled by GD bbPress Toolbox Pro using the bbPress built-in code. There are number of settings related to the TinyMCE you can configure.

TinyMCE Settings

  • Compact Editor Toolbar: this is the ‘Lite’ version of the TinyMCE with only some basic buttons included.
  • Media Buttons: this will show a button for adding files and images into the editor.
  • QuickTags: display HTML along with the Visual tab.
  • Editor Rows: this will configure the number of lines, or size, of the editor.
  • WPAutoP Filter: this filter is processing the content for auto-formatting using paragraphs.

To get more information about using TinyMCE, check
out Configuration and Limitations article.

BBCodes Toolbar with Basic Textarea

This is a simple expansion that will add a toolbar with BBCodes on top of the basic textarea. Each button will apply the BBCode to the selected text in the editor. If nothing is selected in the editor, BBCode will be added in the editor as is. This toolbar has no real editing capabilities.

BBCodes Toolbar Settings

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