Email Overrides

Right now, GD bbPress Toolbox Pro supports changing subject and content for 2 emails sent by bbPress and 4 emails sent by GD bbPress Toolbox Pro:

  • Topic Subscribers, New Reply
  • Forum Subscribers, New Topic
  • Topic Subscribers, Topic Edited
  • Topic Subscribers, Reply Edited
  • Moderators, New Topic
  • Moderators, New Reply

Override Settings

On the settings page for this feature, each email it can override has own settings, and each group looks like this:

Email Override Settings

First option enables the override, and only then the content and subject values will be applied to the email content. You also have an option to process shortcodes you may wanna include in the email content.

For the Notification Content and Subject, you have fields where you can use special tags that will be replaced with actual values. Depending on the email, there are many different tags that can be used.

Email replacements Tags

Here is the list of all tags, but not every tag works with every email type. Each email type settings description includes list of supported tags. Each replacement tag when used in the content or subject must have the percentage characters %

  • BLOG_NAME – name of your website from WordPress settings
  • TOPIC_TITLE – title of the newly created topic
  • TOPIC_LINK – URL to the topic in your forum
  • TOPIC_AUTHOR – name of topic author
  • TOPIC_CONTENT – content of the topic
  • TOPIC_EDIT – topic edit log
  • FORUM_LINK – URL to the forum
  • FORUM_TITLE – title of the forum
  • REPLY_TITLE – title of the reply
  • REPLY_EDITOR – name of reply author
  • REPLY_CONTENT – content of the reply
  • REPLY_AUTHOR – name of reply author
  • REPLY_EDIT – reply edit log
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