MIME Types

Files upload in WordPress includes many strict checks for the files that user wants to upload, to avoid issues with malware, malicious files and other things that should not be uploaded. Checking the MIME Type of the file is a very important part of that, and you have dedicated options to select which MIME Types and corresponding extensions can be uploaded.

MIME (or Multi-purpose Internet Mail Extensions) Type is a standard for classifying file types on the Internet. MIME type has two parts: main type and subtype separated by forward slash character: type/subtype.

GD bbPress Toolbox Pro has a dedicated feature for adding new MIME types into WordPress MIME types handling, so that you can include these new MIME types in the options for limiting attachments upload in the Attachments feature.

MIME Types Feature Panel

If enabled, MIME Types feature allows you to define new MIME Types (or MIME types that are not included in WordPress default MIME types list). Each new MIME Type requires exact MIME Type value and file extensions that will be associated with that MIME Type.

MIME Types Settings

Image shows two new MIME Types added. First on is for Microsoft Registry Editor: it will have files with extension .reg associated with MIME Type text/x-ms-regedit. Second one, is for the Markdown files, and it registers to extensions .md and .markdown with the MIME Type text/markdown.

WordPress MIME Types validation

Having valid MIME types is essential for attachments upload to work. Make sure to check out this article where you can learn more what types of problems can happen if the files and their extensions don’t match MIME Types as it should be.

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