Online Tracking

Online Tracking is a popular tool for tracking how many users and visitors are currently online on your website, and which users are online.

Feature Settings

There are two groups of settings for this feature.

Online Tracking Settings


Here you can set if the plugin will track users and/or guests/visitors. Visitors tracking can only show total number of visitors on the website, and for each unique visitor will use cookie for tracking purposes.

Finally, you need to set how long the ‘online’ period is, with 180 seconds (3 minutes) being default. Since WordPress doesn’t use sessions, and since sessions are in general bad technology to use because it will prevent page caching.


On various forums pages, plugin can show top page notice where you can see how many users and visitors are currently online inside the forum, topic, view or user profile. You can use Notices settings to disable or enable some of these notices.

How the Tracking works

To track online activity, the plugin uses a dedicated database table to log user/guest last activity time and also where the activity happened: forum, topic, user profile or topics view. This allows us to show a total number of active users/guest (with an optional list of active users), track maximum users activity and also track how many users/guests are viewing/visiting individual forums, topics, views or profiles.

Where the tracking information can be displayed

Online Activity Dashboard Widget

There are few ways to show online counts:

  • Dashboard Widget
  • Plugin Dashboard Widget
  • Widget for WordPress
  • Expanded Forum Index
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