A feature called Quotes allows your users to include content from topic or reply into their own reply. The quote can contain the whole topic/reply content, or only part of it.

Quote Settings

There are only few options to configure for the Quotes.

Quote Settings

The first group of options are related to users who can use the Quotes, including visitors/guests and user roles. But, more important settings are related to quote method and which shortcode variant to use.

You can use HTML or Shortcode for the quoted content. If you use HTML, plugin will add HTML wrapper into the content, which can cause issues for some users depending on what type of content and HTML tags you allow. It is best to use Shortcode for the quotes, because it doesn’t depend on the allowed tags settings.

It is highly recommended to keep Quote Method set to Shortcode and Shortcode to Use set to Post Quote.

Quote vs Post Quote

Plugin has two shortcodes for quoting: Quote and Post Quote.

Quote shortcode can include the content to have inside the quote, and it can show the link to the original post. Post Quote shortcode, on the other hand, doesn’t include quoted text, it includes only ID of the topic or reply, and when rendered, it will display content from that topic or reply as quoted. The advanatage of that approach is having shorter shortcode, and it doesn’t cause the mess of having broken tags that can happen with regular Quote in some cases.

How the Quotes work

The Quote button is added to the topic and reply actions (Header or Footer Actions, which can be controlled via Actions features – Topic Actions and Reply Actions).

To quote only part of the content, the user needs to select content using standard cursor/mouse selection and click quote for the topic/reply where the selection is made. A selection must be inside the content area.

If you use Quotes, it is highly recommended to have this tweak to Allowed KSES Tags and Attributes enabled, and set to Expanded or Full set of tags. This will ensure that no strange HTML tags will appear in content that is quoted because some users don’t have the rights to use some tags or attributes. To resolve other know Quote issues, check out this Article.

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