Rich Snippets

Rich Snippets are increasingly important method for search engines (especially Google) to get additional information about the website content. When it comes to bbPress, GD bbPress Toolbox Pro implements two rich snippets.

This will modify the breadcrumbs generated by bbPress, and append the Breadcrumbs Rich Snippet. You can apply additional Tweaks to breadcrumbs, and these tweaks will not affect generated rich snippet.

If Google decides to use the rich snippets for breadcrumbs (and there is no way to actually control this, Google may not use rich snippets from the website at all!), the search results can look like this:

Breadcrumbs in Search results

This will work only if you use unmodified breadcrumbs bbPress generates. Plugin relies on the HTML format bbPress provides to use it and expand it with the HTML markup needed for rich snippet. If you use some other plugin that modifies the breadcrumbs, the Rich Snippet generated may not be generated at all, or it can be broken!

Discussion Forum Posting

Discussion Forum Posting is a rich snippet that plugin can generate for every topic. It can apply featured image (with fallback you can set in settings), include topic content, author URL and profile image, and the information about your website (Publisher).

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