When it comes to SEO, bbPress doesn’t have too many features, and most SEO plugins have trouble with the bbPress when it comes to SEO optimization, because SEO plugins don’t take into account the specifics of the forums, topics, topic threads and replies.

GD bbPress Toolbox Pro implements various features to help with the forums SEO.

Title Tag

bbPress only supports old format for title tag functionality, and new themes that support title-tag filters, don’t work well with title tag generated by bbPress, so this option resolves that.


For single forums, plugin generates proper Meta Title and Meta Description tags. For title tag, you can specify the format of the title to generate.


For single topics, plugin generate proper Meta Title and Meta Description tags, and for title, you can add a format (that can include the forum name too!). It is recommended to have plugin generate excerpt for topics (and avoid revealing private topics content, and replace it with the predefined message).


Everything plugin does for Topic, same set of options are used for Replies too. Reply title can include topic and forum titles too.

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