Signatures are very popular forum features, allowing forum users to set a custom text (with or without rich formatting), and these signatures will be displayed at the bottom of all topics and replies to user posts. All settings related to Signatures are on the Signatures panel in the Features. Additionally, if you want to have Signatures editing integrated with BuddyPress, there is an additional feature for that too.

When a user has a signature, it will be added every topic and reply content user posted, and it will look like the image shows:

Signature in the content

While, in the profile editor, you can edit the signature using one of the available editor types (depending on the feature settings), and here is the example of signature editor using TinyMCE editor:

Signature Editor

Once you enable the Signatures feature, you need to configure signatures.

Signatures Settings

Settings are split into several groups.

User Signatures

These group of settings deals with general signatures settings:

  • Limit Counter: it will show how many characters user can use in the signature editor. This doesn’t work if you enable rich editor for signatures.
  • Maximum Length: you can set how big the signature is, preventing users to add huge signatures.
  • Store Signature: this is relevant for Multisite/Network installations where you have more than one bbPress forums on different blogs in the network. If you set Global option, every blog will have same signature for one user.
  • Availability: you can limit who can actually use the signatures, and you can choose user roles that are allowed to have signatures.

Signatures Editing

This group of options actually limits the access to signature editor to Super Admin and selected roles. This means that you can have signatures enabled for all roles (with previous group of settings), but access to signatures editor can be limited to keymasters only, and only they can set signatures for other users.


This group of options deals with the enhanced editing process, using TinyMCE editor and allowing BBCodes and HTML into signatures.

  • Active: enable this to have Enhanced editing experience for signatures.
  • Available to super admin: WordPress super admins have the ability to use Enhanced signatures editing.
  • Available to roles: select user roles that will have the ability to use Enhanced signatures editing.
  • Allowed Content: you can choose what type of content to allow: Plain Text, HTML, BBCodes or both.
  • Editor Type: choose which editor to use: Textarea, TinyMCE Full, TinyMCE Compact and BBCodes Toolbar.

If you set editor to TinyMCE, make sue to allow HTML and BBCodes in the Allowed Content option.

Display Processing

When displaying signatures, you can enable additional filters (WordPress core filters, used regularly with post content):

  • Convert Smilies: Convert smilies characters into inline images.
  • Convert Chars: Run standard WordPress Unicode chars conversion and cleanup.
  • Convert AutoP: Run standard WordPress AutoP function.
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