Topic Actions

For each topic displayed in the single topic thread, bbPress shows a list of actions you can perform for each post. These actions depend on the user role, and are usually displayed on top of the topic or reply block.

But, there is no way to control how these actions are added, and you can’t remove any of them, without custom coding.

Via Topic Actions feature you can control which action is visible and where it will be displayed. This feature supports all default bbPress actions and all actions implemented by GD bbPress Toolbox Pro. And, all actions can be placed in normal header actions area, or Footer Actions.

Header and Footer Actions

Actions displayed depend on the user role and what actions any user can perform.

For example, Edit action is normally available to Keymasters and Moderators. But normal users can edit their topics and replies if the bbPress settings allow it. So, this action can show for normal users in some cases, which is normal.

As for the actions coming from GD bbPress Toolbox Pro will be visible only if the feature for that action is enabled. So, if you enable Quote action, for that action actually to show, you also need to enable the Quote feature.

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