This is an always on feature, and each tweak inside can be enabled and configured. There are many tweaks included, as listed here.

Status Header 404

Here you can find one tweak for fixing 404 errors for some types of pages, related to bbPress adding new types of pages, that can return 404 status, even when the page is displayed.

The reason this happens is that WordPress prepares 404 headers while completed parsing URL and resolving queries. And if pages like user profile or topic views don’t have any query results, they will get 404 headers. bbPress forms the content and displays it, but 404 remains in effect. So, what can you do? A solution requires some custom coding and hooking into several WordPress filters. But, GD bbPress Toolbox Pro does all that for you, and this problem will be fixed if you enable this tweak.

Allow Participants to use Media Library

If you use TinyMCE editor, Participants can’t use Media Library and Add Media button. By enabling this option, you allow Participants to do this. Users will have access to own files in the media library, but, they will be able to upload files through media library dialog, and this plugin can’t control how this dialog is used.

This operation is not recommended, and you are doing it at your own risk!

Expand KSES allowed HTML tags and attributes

The way bbPress processed HTML content is very restrictive, and by default, bbPress doesn’t allow any HTML in the content. This makes it quite difficult to have more advanced content allowed.

This option allows you to expand list of supported tags and attributes.

It is important to know, that every available set of HTML tags and attributes prohibits dangerous tags and attributes related to scripts inclusion, JavaScript execution and other malicious uses.

The plugin currently has 4 sets of HTML tags and attributes that can be allowed:

  • Default bbPress list of tags and attributes
  • Basic set of tags and attributes
  • Expanded set of tags and attributes
  • Full set of tags and attributes as for WordPress posts

Search Form

There are two tweaks here allowing you to show the search form on top of some bbPress page types.

  • Default bbPress search form will be displayed on top of all forums.
  • Default bbPress search form will be displayed on top of all topics.

This only shows the search form, it doesn’t make any changes to the way search works.

HTML Maximum Title Length

This changes the maximum allowed length for the title in the HTML tag used in bbPress topic form. Default value is 80, and you can change it to any value you want.

Number of search results per page

By default, bbPress shows 15 topics or replies in the normal results loop, and that is the same for search results, but there is no option to set that in default bbPress settings. With this option, you can set it different number of results.

Private Title Prefix

bbPress is adding Private prefix to all forums and topics that are private. This tweak will remove this prefix

bbPress Breadcrumbs

There are few tweaks here: you can either disable the breadcrumbs completely, or if you want them visible, you have additional options to hide first and current crumbs for more compact display of the breadcrumbs.

Freshness Display

Display freshness using alternative and shorter format. This tweak affects both admin side and frontend.

Anonymous posting

If you have Anonymous posting enabled in bbPress, it works for both topics and replies. In some cases, you may want to have topics only available for posting for registered users, and allowing replies to registered and loggedin and anonymous users. With this tweak, new topics can be created by users only, and anonymous posting will be open for replies only.

User Roles Display

In few areas, bbPress show user forum role along with the user profile link and profile avatar. If you enable this option, the user role will be hidden from all regular users, and only keymasters and moderators will see the role.

Processing Content for Display

There are two tweaks here that will modify the way bbPress displays the content. One tweak disables WPTexturize filter that converts various characters and sequences into entities.

Do not use this option to disable texturization, unless you understand what that process does and how it will affect your content when displayed!

Second tweak disables conversion of smilies into images.

Email Sending Control

Emails sent by bbPress are using Do Not Reply Email for handling BCC emails, and by default this email is noreply@your.domain. With this option, you can set this email to other value, real email that your web server can handle.

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