User Profiles

This feature allows you to control the visibility and hide user profiles to guests and also display of some extra information inside the profiles.

Feature Settings

To configure this feature, there are few groups with options, starting the option to enable access protection, and the rest is for additional elements you may want to show.

Expanded User Profile

This image shows Thanks Count and Subscriptions and Favorites counts blocks with options to remove them.

Protect Profile Pages

If you enable Hide from Visitors option, the user profile pages will be hidden from visitors (non-logged in users). Instead of the profile template, plugin will load gdbbx-user-profile-protected.php template, and this template will only display the message that user needs to be logged in to view the profile, with link to login. You can change this message using the filter.

Thanks Information Block

There are two options, one to enable the number of thanks user has given and received; and the other option is to keep that information private, so that only profile owner can see it.

Extra Information Block

This includes counts for subscriptions and favorites. It also has option to add links to remove all the subscriptions and favorites. Again, there is option to keep this private, and links, if included, will be always private and available to profile owner.

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