User Settings

This feature aims to expand the bbPress user profile with additional settings that each user can configure. These new settings will be added to the user profile Edit page in the user profile pages.

This way you can give your forum users new options they can control related to their forum profile.

User Settings feature registers two new groups for the Edit panel: Settings and Notification, and they will be visible only if there are options registered for these groups.

Available Options

This feature is not adding any options, it just provides the framework to allow other feature or plugins to add new options.

User Settings

Right now 3 of the plugin features are adding options for Notifications group:

  • User topic is automatically closed (from Auto Close Topics).
  • User topic is closed by moderator or keymaster (from Close Topics)
  • Thanks received for topic or reply (from Say Thanks)

These options allow users to control if they will get email notifications for some of these events.

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