The Dashboard is the main panel to get quick information about the GD bbPress Toolbox Pro and bbPress forums statistics, features, some recommendations and quick access links.

Dashboard Panel

Dashboard has 5 widgets. First one can be hidden, and it shows status of the plugin, and right now, status of the license code.

Forums Status & Content

This shows all the basic forums counts with links to various relevant pages. It will also show number of Canned Replies, if that feature is used.

Features Status & Statistics

Here, you can see information about GD bbPress Toolbox Pro features, and some statistical information about some of the features, will again, relevant links.

Members Status & Activity

This widget shows number of members, in total and by role, online users and users online activity overview with relevant links.

Quick Access & Control

Finally, this widget includes some quick actions and recommendations about some of the plugin features.

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