GD bbPress Toolbox Pro settings panel has only few options to configure.


License Code

Here you need to enter the license code for your plugin. More information is available here.


From this panel you can control which GD bbPress Toolbox Pro widgets will be registered and available for use. And, you can also choose to disable some of the default bbPress widgets, considering that GD bbPress Toolbox Pro adds replacement for some of these widgets with more options and features.

JS/CSS Files

This panel controls loading of the plugins JS, CSS and font icon files.

CSS and JS Files loading

GD bbPress Toolbox Pro adds multiple JS and CSS files, and they will be loaded when needed. But, you can choose to load one CSS and one JS file only with all the other files in bulk (they will still be loaded only when needed), and serve one file instead of many, making it simpler for caching purpose.

Font Icons

When it comes to icons that plugin uses, there are two versions of the CSS file that loads icons: one is normal file linking to the external font files, and the other CSS contains embedded font. Embedded font file is better solution because font is part of CSS file, and it doesn’t take additional time to load, so it is better for the page loading performance, and that font will not be render blocking resource.

Additional Libraries

Plugin can load FitVids library that will auto resize all the videos embedded in forum content to make them responsive.

Advanced Loading

In rare cases, when plugin can’t load CSS and JS automatically (it can’t detect proper bbPress pages), you can force loading of JS and CSS files on every WordPress page.


From this panel you can control how long Forum and Features statistics cache lasts (in hours). And, you have option to show or hide the Setup Wizard panel.

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