coreSecurity License Code

coreSecurity Pro requires license code for plugin activation. License Code is added in the first step of the Setup Wizard or via the Settings panel.

To activate coreSecurity Pro, you need to get license code from your Dev4Press Account Dashboard. License code for coreSecurity Pro or Dev4Press Plugins Club are required.

License Code Settings

Why is the license code required?

coreSecurity Pro is the first Dev4Press that requires activation via license code, and more plugins in the future will require license code too.

License code in coreSecurity Pro has also a deeper use, because it is required for accessing online services on that provide additional and updated information used by the coreSecurity. At this time there are two endpoints essential for the coreSecurity functionalities:

  • Checksums: get checksums for all the Dev4Press plugins for use with the File Scanner feature.
  • TLD List: get list of all Top Level Domain suffixes used for antispam, registration control and other features.
  • Bridge: get list of banned IPs maintained on the Dev4Press Network to quickly build ban list and improve security.

More endpoints will be added in future versions to make the process of updating various things faster, and not only depending on the plugin update.

License code validation

Plugin will validate the license code in the background after it is added and saved, and in the future, license code will be validated once weekly.

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