Using Setup Wizard

The best way to start setting up the plugin is the Setup Wizard. The wizard will take into account various system requirements for all plugin features, and will configure various settings too. The Wizard has several panels you need to go through.

This wizard only configures handful of plugin features, and with the standard settings. For more in-depth setup, and access to all features, use the Features panel.

Panel: Intro

This panel is used to inform you about the wizard and to get started with few basic features.

Setup Wizard Intro Panel

Panel: Features

From this panel, you can enable some of the features including: Canned Replies, Thanks, Private topics and replies, user information in topic/reply thread.

Panel: Editors

From here you can change the content editor for topic and reply forms, and configure some additional things.

Panel: Attachments

From this panel you can enable and configure Attachments upload.

Panel: Tracking

Finally, here you can configure the activity tracking features.

Panel: Finish

And, here you can hide Setup Wizard, and go visit the Knowledge Base to learn more about the plugin.

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