Plugin registers 4 shortcodes that are always enabled, and can’t be disabled. They are essential for use with various features.


This shortcode displays the single attached file or image.

There are 3 versions of this shortcode.

  • {file}: attachment ID
  • {x}: display width
  • {y}: display height
  • {title}: title for the attachment to use in the tag
  • {alt}: alt value to set for the image (if the attachment is an image)
  • {target}: target attribute value (use _blank) to open in new tab
  • {rel}: value to set for the REL attribute


Display the quoted text with or without the link to the quoted post.

There are 2 versions of this shortcode.

  • {content}: content to display quoted
  • {id}: ID of the topic or reply to link to

Post Quote

Display and link the whole quoted post.

There is one version of this shortcode.

  • {id}: ID of the topic or reply to link to

User Profile Items

This shortcode will display list of user profile items. You need to list one or more items to show.

  • {user_id}: User ID to show items for
  • {items_to_show}: One or more items to show, comma separated
    • online_status: Show user Online Status
    • topics_count: Show number of topics user created
    • replies_count: Show number of replies user made
    • thanks_given: Show number of thanks user has given
    • thanks_received: Show number of thanks user has received
    • registration_date: Show user registration date
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