GD Topic Prefix Pro for bbPress settings panel has only few options to configure. All other settings are for individual prefixes and prefix groups.


License Code

Here you need to enter the license code for your plugin. More information is available here.


Basic settings include options for display of prefixes assigned to topics, and display related to the single topic page or list of topics.

Topic Prefix Display

When the topic prefix is displayed assigned to topic, it can be just a prefix element, or it can be also a link that will open the archive with all topics that prefix is assigned to. And, the link can be limited to current forum, essentially filtering all topics inside the forum with the prefix assigned.

Forum topics list

If the forum is filtered by the prefix, plugin can display a notice on the top of the forum with the prefix information and link back to the full forum.

Single Topic

For single topic, plugin can also display a notice with the list of assigned prefixes, and it has additional option for styling the prefixes. Finally, there is an additional option to try and use JavaScript to add prefixes in front of the topic title.

bbPress uses compatibility theme mode to generate own pages, and the title is displayed outside the template, and there is no direct control over it.


From this panel, you can control global position of the prefix selection inside the topics and reply forms. Each prefix group can override this placement. For both forms, you can select place inside the form where to add the prefix selection, with the optional priority value to run the action with.


By default, prefixes have archive slug and query variable set to topic-prefix, and you can change both on this panel.

If you change this, all previous URLs with old slugs used will no longer work! This is only important if you share URLs with the topic prefix in the URL.

Object Labels

Here you can set custom labels for the singular and plural for prefix and prefix group.

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