Google Analytics Events Tracking

GD Press Tools Pro Google Analytics Addon can help with setting up the events tracking that can be used to get additional data related to your website content into analytics data.

Events tracking settings

Currently, the plugin can track email, download and external links. Google Analytics settings panel includes options to configure the events tracking. You can enable or disable individual types of tracking, and you can set labels plugin will use to mark the events sent to Analytics.

Events tracking settings
Events tracking settings

For Downloads tracking, you can list extensions that plugin will use to determine if the link is download or not. You can also choose to track downloads as page views and not as events.

More on how tracking works

Events tracking is done completely in JavaScript. Plugin attaches handlers to the links on the page according to different criteria, and when the click is detected, events are formatted and sent through Analytics.

Here are few things useful to know:

  • Downloads are tracked only as links on the same domain (or subdomain).
  • An external link is any link leading outside of the current domain (or subdomain).
  • Email links start with the ‘mailto:’ in the link’s HREF followed by the email.

Custom tracking CSS classes

You can add CSS classes to your A links to control the tracking. There are 3 CSS classes supported right now.

Disable tracking

To disable tracking (for all types of events tracked by the plugin), add the CSS class ‘ga-disable-event-tracking’ to any A tag you want to exclude from tracking.

Force download tracking

Download tracking depends on the link having the file type extension. But, in some cases, the extension may be missing, or the download the link is leading to outside domain/subdomain. To force the link to be tracked as a download, add the CSS class to it ‘ga-force-download-tracking’.

Force external link tracking

Similar to download tracking, add the CSS class ‘ga-force-external-tracking’ to any link you want to be tracked as external/outbound link.

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